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Entalpia Engineering is active in the construction and installation of thermotechnical plants in the industrial sector and technological systems in the tertiary sector.
Our engineers, with experience in the field, constitute the ideal interface between what is planned and what will be accomplished; their work extends from the coordination of on-site activities to technical support for our workers, from hydraulic tests to tests of electrical and electronic equipment.
The latest construction technologies, are constantly used in order to maintain a high standard of production and thus allow to complete the work in full compliance with the contractual commitments.

The workforce is made up of supervisors, technicians, pipe fitters, welders and carpenters in charge to take action effectively in any kind of intervention. The ability to pre-fabrication on skid of most of the components making up the plant and the works of carpentry allows us to reduce the time of installation on site.


Our systems are designed and manufactured to the requirements of the PED 97/23/EC on pressure equipment with the release of the Certificate of Conformity for "assembly".

ENTALPIA engineering S.r.l.
Registered office:
Via Gioacchino Murat, 98
70121 Bari Italy

C.da Maccarone Z.I. - C.P. 50
70033 Corato BA Italy

Phone +39 080.8725795
Fax +39 080.8725949

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