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O & M - Operation & Manteinance

Entalpia Engineering operates at 360° in plant field; from engineering to operation and maintenance.
In some cases, the plant management activities may take a long time commitment, as often happens in systems for the production of renewable energy.
Entalpia Engineering can assist the customer in the care of the technical and economic aspects of the system, offering a service that allows to not distract from the main own business.
Our systems are designed to reduce maintenance; anyway it's necessary to verify and sometimes restore their proper efficiency through routine, preventive or extraordinary maintenance or regulatory compliance requirements.
We also offer a "Maintenance Service" that allows the customer a real programming of required works in minimal time and cost.


When equipped with PLC and supervision systems, our systems can make use of teleassistance.
"Teleservice" allows you to record and monitor remotely the status of the plant, this allows the customer get help to plan preventive maintenance, thereby reducing the risk of downtime.

ENTALPIA engineering S.r.l.
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