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Renewable energy

Entalpia engineering designs and installs plants for production of electricity and thermal power from renewable sources.
Our first step is always the feasibility study; during the study we will conduct a financial analysis, energy production studies and preliminary layouts. These will be the inputs for the following steps related to executive engineering, procurement and construction. Our offer includes:

  • Wood biomass plants
  • Vegetable oil plants
  • Anaerobic digestion plants for energy production from biogas
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar thermodynamic
  • Solar photovoltaic

Entalpia engineering assists clients who wish to produce energy from renewable sources during the entire process of approval of the facilities and the subsequent demand for energy transfer to the grid operator and work with local utilities for the interconnection process and agreements. Italian state incentives are currently provided by the GSE to promote use of renewable sources are:

  • Green Certificates
  • All-inclusive tariff
  • Photovoltaic Energy Bill
  • Solar Power Energy Bill
  • Metering

Entalpia engineering supplies not only standard size plants. Our in-house engineering staff has the capability to provide complete design and engineering services from concept to construction drawings. We work with many technologists (chemists, agronomists, etc.) to give you the way to generate income from organic waste products, which often represent the costs.
After the completion of the project, with our on-going maintenance contract you can be sure that your facility will be functioning at peak performance.

ENTALPIA Engineering is furthermore engaged in research and development of integrated systems for the production of energy from multiple rewable sources.

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