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Industrial thermothecnical systems

Thermotechnical installations are at the heart of every process industry, they are linked to all those services not directly related to the production process, but indirectly to the activities necessary to manufacturing; their optimization brings benefits both in terms of costs and management and. Thanks to previous experiences, Entalpia Engineering is able to make an optimum choice of essential plants to install, ensuring customized solutions and according to personal needs and problems encountered by the customer.
Entalpia Engineering is at your service every time you need to convey the energy, with facilities tailored to achieve efficiency, functionality and economy of operation.
Entalpia Engineering is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of turnkey thermo industrial plants able to meet every need:

  • low, medium and high pressure steam
  • superheated steam
  • diathermic fluid
  • superheated water
  • hot water
  • heat recovery
  • chillers refrigerators;
  • vacuum
  • industrial HVAC
  • compressed air

ENTALPIA Engineering creates installations with computerized systems for monitoring and management of the individual components and the recording of the parameters in the field. All systems are managed by supervision software using the latest generation of PLC with Profibus communication.
The supervision system allows the plant to achieve two significant results:

  • automation of the plant with a strong reduction in the use of manpower. The installed equipment is high-level signals with high precision;
  • automatic adjustment to get the plant in all operating conditions at high efficiency of the process and at maximum yield.

The know-how in the held by Entalpia Engineering allows the programming of control strategies for:

  • watertube steam generators
  • firetube steam generators
  • superheated water generators
  • thermal fluid heaters
  • heat recovery boilers
  • hot water generators

Electronic and/or pneumatic steam control strategies for:

  • level from one to three elements
  • pressure/temperature master
  • heating/cooling
  • pressure reduction
  • attemperation

Our systems are designed by the Engineering Department on the basis of the requirements and needs of each customer. The use of advanced technologies and equipment, the strict control during installation and testing allow the creation of efficient and reliable systems that ensure low operating costs with high energy savings.
Entalpia Engineering will assist you over the construction through maintenance services and Teleservice.

ENTALPIA engineering S.r.l.
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